Mark & Laura Waltz



We Believe People Really Matter... EVERYONE

Because People Matter operates primarily in the context of local church ministry, specializing in relational strategies to create environments that meet people where they are, connecting people to God and each other… because people matter.

Mark and his wife, Laura, have been married over thirty years and are still best friends. Laura rejects the label, "pastor's wife," although she is married to a pastor. Simply put, she disassociates herself from the traditionally held profile of the piano-playing, women's ministry leading, meek and mild pastor's wife. She does love music; she's been part of the vocal/worship team at Granger Community Church since 1997. She enjoys robust friendships with a few women; she feels no calling to lead all of them. She's following in the footsteps of Jesus; she doesn't answer to the expectations of people. You may know Mark from his leadership, but you owe it to yourself to get acquainted with Laura. She's the shine on this radiant relationship.

They are the proud parents of one daughter, Olivia, a college art student, with a focus on painting and drawing. Mark and Laura speak often of the trusting, wrestling with God relationship Liv models. They are a learning family, and these parents are leaning in to learn all they can these days.

Mark has spent the past 25 years serving and leading people. While many of those years were focused within the local church, he brings marketplace experience from retail management, as well as career development and training. Regardless of his work or ministry context, he is about investing in people, because he believes people really matter. Think of him as a "people advocate." A sought after consultant and trainer, Mark has helped local churches of all sizes improve their guest services experience.

Today Mark serves as executive pastor at Granger Community Church where for the past fourteen years he has been a unifying force, overseeing adult relational connections, including groups, guest services and volunteer strategies. As Granger’s chief guest services practitioner he still inspires teams of volunteers who make Granger Community Church a relaxed, rejuvenating and relevant experience for members and guests. Mark also oversees Granger’s multisite campuses.

Mark’s first book, First Impressions: Creating Wow Experiences in Your Church, addresses the issues of guest environments, teams and strategies for making high-impact first impressions. His second book, Lasting Impressions, picks up where First Impressions leaves off, helping churches construct practical onramps and systems to help people move from visiting to belonging. His latest book, How to Wow Your Church Guests, is a practical, short-chapter bundle of guest service best practices – 101 of them. Mark’s ministry expertise is complemented by his marketplace experience, which includes retail management, employment training and recruitment.