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From Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!, Author: Changing the World at Work
"Mark understands the most important element of making any organization (from a business to a church) attractive and sustainable; the Consumer Experience. Mark's [First Impressions] book will help you create and manage an experience that is engaging and inspiring – giving you an edge in this topsy turvy world. Get this book and improve the first impressions that you make on everyone that crosses your path (or threshold)." 

Consulting: Local Church Secret Shopping and Assessment

  • Evaluate facility use and make recommendations for team function and service delivery.
  • Assess your church’s current “impression” to guests
  • Monitor effectiveness of staff and volunteer team members
  • Explore your various environments, clarifying their purpose and functionality in uniting people to Christ and your church
  • Address development of onramps to belonging so they are visible, accessible and effective in your local ministry
  • Propose strategies and practical steps to improve your serve as it relates to your weekend experience and/or other guest connection points, including but not limited to:
    • Campus and facility appearance/navigation
    • Guest / customer service experience
    • Weekend church service relevance
    • Integration of programs, ministries, other provided services
  • Meet personally with your leadership team, staff and/or key volunteers to review initial findings
  • Provide written assessment of weekend experience with accompanying recommendations

Consulting: Leadership and Team Development Coaching

  • Onsite and/or online mentoring sessions designed to address your challenges, opportunities and strategies for maximizing your leadership and team execution
  • Review leadership and team structure, exploring changes that expand impact and raise effectiveness
  • Understand and address pitfalls in "span of care" leadership that limits influence and renders personal exhaustion
  • Journey with you through your agenda of intended growth and development

Training: First Impressions / Guest and Customer Service

  • Train your staff and/or volunteers through evening, half-day and full-day workshops
    • Clarify and solidify core philosophy of service to new guests / customers
    • Define and deliver the experience you desire for your guests
    • Learn how to identify and eliminate distractions that disappoint and dissatisfy your guests
    • Establish best practice benchmarks that are practical and inclusive of every team member
    • Stop recruiting and start inviting people to join your team
    • Simplify your training process
    • Investing and building value into your team

Training: Humanizing Care in Your Church or Non-Profit

  • Coming Fall 2017

Strategic Planning Process: StratOp