Photo courtesy Mark Beeson 

Photo courtesy Mark Beeson 

Consulting Services Menu


  • Assess your church’s current “impression” to guests
  • Evaluate new facility use and make recommendations for team structure and service delivery.
  • Assist with the development of vision and desired outcomes for serving guests
  • Propose strategies and practical steps to improving your serve as it relates to the weekend experience:
  1. Campus Appearance/Navigation
  2. Facility Appearance/Navigation
  3. Guest Services Experience
  4. Weekend Service Relevance
  5. Integration of Programs
  • Review weekend leadership and team structure, recommending changes to maximize effectiveness
  • Evaluate opportunities to connect people relationally to each other and to the life and mission of the local church.
  • Assist in the creation of onramps to belonging so they are visible, accessible and effective
  • Explore your various environments, clarifying their purpose and functionality in uniting people to Christ and your church


Consulting & Training Methods


  • Visit your church as a “secret shopper”
  • Meet personally with your lead team, staff and/or lead volunteers
  • Provide written assessment of weekend experience with accompanying recommendations
  • First Impressions: Train your staff and volunteers through evening, half-day or full-day workshops
  1. Clarify your vision and philosophy of ministry to new guests
  2. Understand what people are looking for at your church
  3. Identify and eliminate distractions
  4. Establish best benchmark practices
  5. Invite and train your team
  6. Leadership and renewing vision


  • Lasting Impressions: Train your staff and volunteers through evening, half-day or full-day workshops


  1. Understand what you expect when your guests return
  2. Learn the difference between responsible “to” vs. responsible “for”
  3. Define spiritual transformation and the discipling process for your church
  4. Understand key human interactive spaces and how they impact your ministry
  5. Design environments that allow people to own their journey in community
  6. Clarify accessibility to connection via groups, volunteering and gatherings


  • Follow-up support via email and telephone conferencing



 “I loved the First Impressions, Lasting Impressions workshops that I attended last week. Mark Waltz is the best, and I learn so much from his workshops. I attended a year ago last March, before we began our Guest eXperience Team in our new facility, so now a year later, it is encouraging to see that we are on track.” -- Libby Westcott, Guest eXperience Team Coordinator, Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, AR

 “Mark is an excellent communicator and all of the material had a positive effect on me. I was encouraged, challenged and reaffirmed.”  -- From Dallas, TX

 “I loved the 90 second invite and the conversations about when expectations are not met—something that I am dealing with right now!  -- From Phoenix, AZ


Book Endorsements


“Mark and the team he works with at Granger are giving some of the best thought in our day to the idea of Lasting Impressions in the church. Here he lays out a vision of church as a place where people discover they can belong and become what they never dreamed. A vision where the voice of the Spirit can be heard in new and fresh ways by people who thought they were spiritually tone-deaf. It’s a vision that might change you, your church, and people who  don’t even know God right now.”   -- John Ortberg, Senior Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Menlo Park, CA

“Want people to do more than visit your church? Read Lasting Impressions, wrestle with what is and what could be, and then develop or redevelop your plan to help people belong – to God and each other.”  -- Craig Groschel, Senior Pastor,, Oklahoma City, OK

“Mark’s insight in [Lasting Impressions] on connecting people with God and others in real and lasting ways is right on. He reminds us again that everyone matters to God, and, because of that, we need to meet people where they are – not where we wish they were.”  -- Ed Young, Senior Pastor, Fellowship Church, Grapevine, TX

“I loved Mark’s first book, First Impressions. And Lasting Impressions takes it a step further. Every leader who is serious about getting people connected to their church needs to read this book. Inspirational and practical.”  -- Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor, National Community Church, Washington, D.C.

"Mark understands the most important element of making any organization (from a business to a church) attractive and sustainable; the Consumer Experience. This book will help you create and manage an experience that is engaging and inspiring – giving you an edge in this topsy turvy world. Get this book and improve the first impressions that you make on everyone that crosses your path (or threshold)."  -- Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!, Author: Changing the World at Work