Many organizations - churches, non-profits, businesses - are not focused around a central plan, and many leaders are concerned they’re not maximizing potential. With StratOp, your entire team will be focused on the same mission and vision and will have a clear plan to execute.

StratOp is more than a one-time event; it is a strategic system, proven to help you grow a productive business, an effective non-profit or an effective church. Tom Paterson, an entrepreneur, inventor, and trusted consultant for U.S. Presidents, IBM, and Disney, created the StratOp process to move from a prescriptive approach to coaching success to a facilitated process that helps the organization create, own, implement and manage their plan. Utilized by thousands of organizations over the last 40 years, this process has helped startups and billion-dollar organizations grow sales and profits; it has helped church plants and mega-churches clarify vision and multiply effectiveness.

Over three days, I will use facilitate this time-tested process, using 25 customized tools to guide your team into the six phases of the StratOp cycle:

  • Do you want to help your organization get perspective on what's true right now
  • Do you want to identify what you can learn from what got you where you are?
  • Do you want to gain clarity about where you want to go, where you can go?
  • Do you want to harness handles that will help you take definitive action toward your preferred future?
  • Do you want to align teams and systems around that future plan, making it possible to actually get there?
  • Do you want a process that will help you monitor and fuel your action plan over time? 

If you answered "yes" to the above questions, complete this quick "tell me more" inquiry and I'll reach out to you to explore our potential next step together.